Frequently Ask Questions

NO definitely not. It is not a hat. No need to even cling to it when the wind blows.
If you wear it everyday and look after it according to the instructions, your wig will last anything between 10 - 12 months. Even longer.
Real hair
  • More compact - Hotter
  • Have to style (blow dry)
  • Heavier
  • 5x plus more expensive than synthetic hair
  • Can change colour
  • Can tolerate direct/open heat
Synthetic hair
  • Cooler
  • No Styling
  • Very light in weight
  • Much more affordable
  • Cannot change colour
  • Direct heat (not sun) will damage wig (ex oven and open fires)
Yes. Please contact me for more information.
Yes. Please contact me for more information.
YES! I have a large client base that I assist via email.

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